Why Consult with Insurance Professionals At All?

Benefits Representatives - SF&C InsuranceIt may seem like you can get answers online to EVERY question, and obtain quotes for all types of insurance… so you might be wondering… “Why consult with insurance professionals at all?

Insurance professionals SHOULD:

  1. Determine your and your family’s personal needs for protection given the different scenarios in which you could find yourself—what do you need protection from and to what extent/financial level;
  2. Obtain information on how much you can afford to set aside per pay period to obtain whatever protections, you and the lnsurance Professional agree that you require
  3. Make recommendations on the different insurance programs that are available to you, within your financial constraints.

The need for the consulting with an insurance professional is clearly illustrated by the following statistics:

  • 12% of consumers could not decide on what type of life insurance or how much to buy;
  • 10% were afraid to make the wrong decision;
  • 8% did not know enough about the various types of insurance.

The above constraints resulted in individuals not enrolling in any type of insurance benefit!!!

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