Did You Know?

That the majority of workers who have not put money aside for retirement have little in savings at all? 7 in 10 say their assets total less than $10,000?

Security Builder: Protection and Financial Security

You want more from your benefits. With this program you get the cash value security of a WHOLE LIFE PLAN and an ANNUITY. This is an affordable, flexible way to put your money to work protecting your family and saving for your future needs.


Special Features:

  • Life insurance premiums remain constant until age 65 or for 10 years (whichever is later),  policy builds cash value after year 1
  • Premium applied to life insurance is reduced by 50% after the first year; the other 50% is applied to the deferred annuity rider in the second year and every year thereafter.
  • Tax-deferred annuity, is a cash accumulation account currently earning 4% interest (guaranteed at 1%), which pays a monthly income generally beginning at retirement
  • Annuity has no stipulated Mininum Required Distribution period, which means insured does not have a deadline by which time the income MUST BE taken.
  • Insured can increase or decrease contributions to annuity without purchasing more insurance
  • Cash value may be borrowed; used to purchase reduced paid-up policy, or added to annuity account
  • Death benefit provides family with life insurance protection in the event of death; accelerated death benefit will advance 50% of face value upon diagnosis of terminal illness which will likely result in death within 12 months
  • Optional waiver of premium available which continues premium payments if insured is totally and continuously disabled and unable to work for longer than 6 months
  • Plan can be started for as low as $21.67 per month for adults and $13 per month for children.


For questions, call SF&C • 1-800-876-7768 • Jeff Patti