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Did You Know?

That 3 in 10 American households (35 million) are uninsured and half say they need more life insurance?

Why Choose SF&C Insurance?

SF&C Insurance Associates, Inc. strives to provide quality insurance products to Labor Unions, and affinity groups in the public and private sectors. SF&C sees this as an invaluable service in these days of rising insurance costs and complex benefits options—to help you select the right combination of current, cost effective options to arrive at the perfect package for your needs.

Using the convenience of payroll deduction, credit card or an automatic withdrawal from a checking/savings account, premiums are collected for all types of Voluntary Benefits. These programs are the best way to provide individuals with the benefits they desire with no additional cost to the entity.

  • SF&C programs provide the individuals with maximum benefits/value possible,
  • SF&C programs attract new people to the group by showing additional value to the individuals
  • SF&C programs entail no additional cost to the individual
  • SF&C programs entail no additional cost to the group
  • SF&C programs are issued by some of the major carriers in the country.

Looking to offer your people more benefits at no additional cost to you?
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