Client L‘s husband was recovering from major spinal surgery and enrolled herself and her husband in Colorado Banker’s disability and annuity coverage.

Five years later, he was rear-ended and he has been unable to work ever since. Their SF&C representative directed them to the carrier. Because the SF&C Representative had enrolled them in a benefit that had a disability waiver, Colorado Banker has been paying:

  1. their monthly disability benefit;
  2. the monthly insurance premium;
  3. the monthly annuity contribution ever since.

The carrier will continue to pay these three amounts until Client L’s husband turns 65, after which time, her husband will receive the monthly annuity that they enrolled in.

Client L states that “This insurance has been a blessing” for them. “Without it, we would not have been able to financially make it every month…This insurance made the misfortune a little easier to accept.