Did You Know?

That we set up just 1 deduction that can come from either the member’s paycheck, an automatic draft from a checking/savings account, or a monthly debit from a credit card?

Offering Services to Labor Unions and Other Affinity Groups

Administration: Your Back Office

SF&C Insurance Associates has a state-of-the-art billing and administration system. This means that we provide you with the products of multiple insurance carriers with no additional paperwork nor staffing requirements or costs.

Customer Care: A Top Priority

Because we care about your members, customer care is a top priority at SF&C.  Half our corporate staff is trained to provide customer care. These highly-trained Specialists can be reached through a toll-free number, to answer questions, allay concerns, make changes or resolve any other problems that policyholders may have.

Benefits Representatives: SF&C’s Connection To You

Without the Benefits Representatives, SF&C would not be able to communicate its programs to your members. They are our connection to you and your people. Because they are union members (Workers United) they are committed to the good of the individual with whom they are working—and will assist them in selecting the benefits that best suit their needs and budgets.

We can help you and your people save money, select the right benefits, file claims
and so much more.
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