Did You Know?

All voluntary plan benefits are paid directly to you, regardless of what your health insurance covers?

Offering Voluntary Benefits for Working Families through Worksite Marketing

Allow your members to make individual choices based upon their needs, both financially and where they are in life.

SF&C has many options for them to choose from so that they can find the perfect fit for their needs.

Life Insurance

Universal including long-term care, Whole life or Term Life Insurance.

Disability Protection

Protection for your family if you cannot work due to sickness and/or accident.

Long-term Care

Up to $200,000 in long-term care protection available, with no medical exams required.

Critical Illness

Financial protection for medical and non-medical costs of heart attacks, strokes or other specified terminal illnesses.


Life insurance plus cash accumulation guaranteed at 1%, currently paying 4%. Or would you rather be at the mercy of the volatile stock market?

Cancer Insurance

Additional financial protection for medical and non-medical costs of cancer and 25 other diseases, including Wellness Benefits.

Hospital Indemnity

Protect your finances when a member of the family is the in hospital. Use to pay out-of-pocket expenses associated with hospital stays.

Dental Coverage

Crowns, bridges, braces and so much more.


Paycheck Protector Plus – provide for you and your family if you are involved in an accident. Your income continues after an accident even if your paycheck stops.

To learn more about any of these products, 
call SF&C • 1-800-876-7768 • Jeff Patti