Dental CoverageCrowns, Bridges, Braces
and So Much More

Dental Insurance offers members and their families a wide choice of affordable dental benefit options. Your members may choose to receive their covered dental services from any one of the hundreds of participating dental providers who have been carefully selected.

Preventive dental care is the focus of our dental programs. All plan designs encourage your members to visit their dentists on a regular basis to receive those preventive dental services that minimize the necessity of receiving more comprehensive and expensive dental procedures in the future.

Should more complex dental needs arise, participating general dentists or specialists will provide the necessary dental treatment and prepare the member for a lifetime of dental maintenance. SF&C rewards our dentists for keeping their patients healthy, not for maximizing the level of services provided.

Some of the features that may be available to your members include:

  • No pre-existing conditions
  • No deductions
  • No age limits
  • No pre-enrollment exams
  • Low monthly premiums

Dental coverage is one of the most sought-after benefits.
To provide this option to your group, at no additional cost or hassle to you,

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