Customer Care for SF&C Insurance Associates, Inc.A Career: Not a Job

SF&C’s Benefits Representatives are among our major assets. They are SF&C’s connection to the individual members of our Client Groups.

Our Benefits Representatives are responsible for explaining the benefit packages selected by their employers to these individuals, and enrolling them in whatever benefits they subsequently select. Without any one of these highly-trained and empathetic Representatives, how many people would not learn about the options available to them?

More than half of our current Benefits Managers and representatives have been at SF&C for over 15 years. Benefits Representatives’ incomes are commensurate to the number of hours these individual dedicate to seeing clients, and that income is considerable.

Given their value to SF&C and to our Client Groups, SF&C expends much time and money in ensuring that anyone coming to us seeking to become a Benefits Representative is provided with superior:
Benefits Representatives

  • Product Training
  • Field Training
  • Field Management
  • Sales Support
  • Product Portfolio
  • Compensation
  • Endorsed Client Groups
  • Administrative Support

Interested in the SF&C Opportunity?

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  • Enjoys working with people
  • Have dependable transportation
  • Good time manager
  • Self motivated
  • Goal oriented
  • Quick to learn and develop skills
  • Wants to build their own business
  • Strives for excellence
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