Frequently Asked Questions

Did You Know?

That 7 of 10 women agree that life insurance is a necessity, while only 62% of men believe this to be true?

Q: Who is SF&C?

A:  SF&C can be many things to your organization.

  1. We can be part of your HR team by bringing your staff your selected package of voluntary benefits that will add value to your employee benefits at no additional cost to you. We design the package and provide you with the staff  for the enrollment and administration.
  2. We are a Third Party Administrator which means that we collect the insurance premiums for your members and forward the premiums to the insurance carriers

Q: How do you collect premiums from the members?

A: Mostly, premiums are collected through payroll deductions. In some cases, we can collect premiums through automatic bank drafts. In rare cases, we will use a debit from a savings/checking account or a charge to a credit card.

Q: How do you sign up our members to the insurance products they choose?

A: After discussing your group’s particular characteristics, requirements and constraints, SF&C and your HR Department will design the enrollment vehicle/s best suited to your operation.  These options include: individual meetings, Lunch and Learn sessions, Benefit Fairs, Desserts with…, or structured enrollment sessions.

Q: What types of insurance can we offer our members?

A: We can provide most types of Voluntary Benefits to your members including Life Insurance with and without long-term care, Disability, Cancer, Critical Care, Hospital, Accident, Dental, insurance and many others.

For the best benefits package, administered for you, with no fuss to you,
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