Insurance is a Blessing After Disability

Client L‘s husband was recovering from major spinal surgery and enrolled herself and her husband in Colorado Banker’s disability and annuity coverage.

Five years later, he was rear-ended and he has been unable to work ever since. Their SF&C representative directed them to the carrier. Because the SF&C Representative had enrolled them in a benefit that had a disability waiver, Colorado Banker has been paying:

  1. their monthly disability benefit;
  2. the monthly insurance premium;
  3. the monthly annuity contribution ever since.

The carrier will continue to pay these three amounts until Client L’s husband turns 65, after which time, her husband will receive the monthly annuity that they enrolled in.

Client L states that “This insurance has been a blessing” for them. “Without it, we would not have been able to financially make it every month…This insurance made the misfortune a little easier to accept.

Gain Peace of Mind with Life Insurance

2/3rds of all Americans feel that life insurance gives people peace of mind.2/3rds of all Americans Feel that Life Insurance Gives People Peace of Mind

LIMRA has written that Americans have a “love-hate relationship with life insurance.”  “Hate” is an odd word for something that gives the priceless gift of peace of mind.

How can anyone “hate” a program that 75% of Americans agree is the best way to protect against premature death of the primary wage earner and that surpasses all other financial assets or income sources that Americans expect to use for basic living expenses in this eventuality?

But statistics seem to bear out the truth of the above-cited quote. If not, what would explain the following facts?1 Read more…

Recommends Disability Benefits to All Baltimore City Employees

Client R is so grateful to her SF&C Representative for having enrolled her several years ago in her disability benefit.

It was truly a blessing to her when she became ill in 2008. She speaks highly of Transamerica’s Customer Service which answered all her questions, expedited her benefits payments and even assisted her and her Personnel Office in completing the Claims Forms.

She recommends this disability benefit to all Baltimore City employees.

Going Above & Beyond for Our Clients

Client W applauds her representative for always being there for her.

Should she NOT have the answer to a query, she makes it a point to get the information promptly and gets back to Client W immediately with the answer.

Client W was out on disability twice and her representative assisted her in filing both claims, the assistance included being on three-way calls with the carrier to ensure that Client W filled out the claim forms properly the first time to avoid any delays in the client receiving her benefits.

Client W says her Representative “goes above and beyond her call as an Insurance Agent. ..needs to be recognized for caring and good work ethic.

Women & Life Insurance

You have heard it said, “If only women ran the world, it would run more efficiently and peacefully?”

Could it be that WOMEN have more common sense, which unfortunately, is not as “common” as we would like to think it is?

Well, the fact is that 7 of 10 women agree that life insurance is a necessity, while only 62% of men believe this to be true.  So, it must be true then—at least, for Life Insurance.

SO? Is it logical, a no-brainer, to assume that more women than men would be insured, especially given that 4 in 10 households with minor children include a mother who is either the sole or primary earner for her family.

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Safe & Secure After a Quadruple Bypass

Client D met and casually got to talking to one of the SF&C representatives at his worksite in 2004.

He says that they had a casual conversation about the importance of “present and future health and well-being.” He was impressed that the representative never pressured him into buying him any insurance, but rather discussed the financial consequences of poor health or a terrible accident when one does not have a secure financial plan.

On 10/2004, the client had a quadruple bypass and was out of work for over 2 months and had exhausted his sick and annual leave and the donations of coworkers.

Thanks to the disability insurance provided to him by his SF&C Representative, he was secure and safe.  Client D says he will always remember his first meeting with his SF&C Representative.

Are You Concerned About Your Health Coverage?

Do you depend on your paycheck?Do you feel you have less coverage, higher deductibles & out-of-pocket expenses?

The perception of the general public, has and will continue to be that Disability Income Insurance is not as useful or necessary to most individuals as Medical or even Life Insurance.

The facts:

  1. Most wage-earners, mostly with employer-paid contributions, purchase MEDICAL INSURANCE.
  2. Large proportions of these same wage-earners purchase group and/or individual LIFE INSURANCE.
  3. Only 1 out of 4 has any DISABILITY INCOME INSURANCE.

As health insurance costs rise, your plans may suffer some basic changes to make them affordable to you.

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What Are Voluntary / Supplemental Disability Insurance Benefits?

Did you know...The distinction in this nomenclature is that these benefits are not provided by the employer as part of a compensation package.

The characteristics of employer-provided short-term disability benefits are:

  1. You must have used up all of the leave (sick AND vacation) available;
  2. Benefits are limited to 60% of your income at the time of disability; and
  3. Benefits are taxable.
  4. Benefits are generally not paid if you qualify for Workers’ Compensation.

So, why purchase supplemental disability insurance if your employer is providing a similar program as part of your package? The answer to this question is simple and straightforward: Read more…

Why Consult with Insurance Professionals At All?

Benefits Representatives - SF&C InsuranceIt may seem like you can get answers online to EVERY question, and obtain quotes for all types of insurance… so you might be wondering… “Why consult with insurance professionals at all?

Insurance professionals SHOULD:

  1. Determine your and your family’s personal needs for protection given the different scenarios in which you could find yourself—what do you need protection from and to what extent/financial level;
  2. Obtain information on how much you can afford to set aside per pay period to obtain whatever protections, you and the lnsurance Professional agree that you require
  3. Make recommendations on the different insurance programs that are available to you, within your financial constraints.

The need for the consulting with an insurance professional is clearly illustrated by the following statistics:

  • 12% of consumers could not decide on what type of life insurance or how much to buy;
  • 10% were afraid to make the wrong decision;
  • 8% did not know enough about the various types of insurance.

The above constraints resulted in individuals not enrolling in any type of insurance benefit!!!

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I’m Young & Healthy… Why Would I Need Disability Insurance?

Slide01Talk to 20-yr-olds about purchasing Disability Insurance, and they look at you as though you have grown a second head.

This demographic almost always thinks that only “old” people get disabled; that there will be plenty of time to obtain this type of coverage. They feel their money is better spent on …

  • gym memberships
  • dating
  • a weekend away

Almost ANYTHING that is more fun than another type of insurance, “for heaven’s sake.”

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