Insurance is a Blessing After Disability

Client L‘s husband was recovering from major spinal surgery and enrolled herself and her husband in Colorado Banker’s disability and annuity coverage.
Five years later, he was rear-ended and he has been unable to work ever since.

Gain Peace of Mind with Life Insurance

2/3rds of all Americans Feel that Life Insurance Gives People Peace of Mind
LIMRA has written that Americans have a “love-hate relationship with life insurance.” “Hate” is an odd word for something that gives the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Going Above & Beyond for Our Clients

Client W applauds her representative for always being there for her. Should she NOT have the answer to a query, she makes it a point to get the information promptly and gets back to Client W immediately with the answer.

Women & Life Insurance

You have heard it said, “If only women ran the world, it would run more efficiently and peacefully?”
Could it be that WOMEN have more common sense, which unfortunately, is not as “common” as we would like to think it is?

Safe & Secure After a Quadruple Bypass

Client D met and casually got to talking to one of the SF&C representatives at his worksite in 2004. He says that they had a casual conversation about the importance of “present and future health and well-being.” He was impressed that the representative never...

Are You Concerned About Your Health Coverage?

Do you feel you have less coverage, higher deductibles & out-of-pocket expenses? The perception of the general public, has and will continue to be that Disability Income Insurance is not as useful or necessary to most individuals as Medical or even Life Insurance.

Why Consult with Insurance Professionals At All?

It may seem like you can get answers online to EVERY question, and obtain quotes for all types of insurance… so you might be wondering… “Why consult with insurance professionals at all?”

I’m Young & Healthy… Why Would I Need Disability Insurance?

Talk to 20-yr-olds about purchasing Disability Insurance, and they look at you as though you have grown a second head. This demographic almost always thinks that only “old” people get disabled; that there will be plenty of time to obtain this type of coverage. They...