2/3rds of all Americans feel that life insurance gives people peace of mind.2/3rds of all Americans Feel that Life Insurance Gives People Peace of Mind

LIMRA has written that Americans have a “love-hate relationship with life insurance.”  “Hate” is an odd word for something that gives the priceless gift of peace of mind.

How can anyone “hate” a program that 75% of Americans agree is the best way to protect against premature death of the primary wage earner and that surpasses all other financial assets or income sources that Americans expect to use for basic living expenses in this eventuality?

But statistics seem to bear out the truth of the above-cited quote. If not, what would explain the following facts?1

  • The same number of Americans is covered by life insurance now, as there were 20 years ago; despite the fact that the population itself has grown by approximately 1.3% each year.
  • More than 25% of men have no life insurance coverage and that number is higher among men aged 18-24.
  • 44% of all US households either do not own life insurance but believe they should or that they should own MORE.

The question remains, “WHY?” When this quandary is a problem of the consumers’ own making, why don’t  people just go out to purchase whatever they consider to be “appropriate and adequate” life insurance.

Several answers suggest themselves from surveys or and conversations with random American adults:

  1. People think they cannot afford life insurance: This in itself is interesting since consumers generally overestimate the cost of life insurance by as much as 300%;
  2. Potential consumers have not been approached by life insurance professionals in the last two years; and many of those who were initially approached, failed to hear back from the representative.
  3. A general lack of knowledge about the subject; what type is most appropriate; how much insurance is optimal; how the different types of life insurance work.

Each and all of the above questions are quickly remedied.

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Or if you do not want to talk to anyone without a general idea of cost?


You will be surprised at the answers you receive. There is always at least ONE type of life insurance that can be found to best fit your particular financial or other situation.  But if you do not ask, you will never know and you will continue to be unprotected up to the time when the worst happens and you are completely unprepared and vulnerable.  Please do something to help yourself. It is easy and uncompromising.

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