Long Term Care

Did You Know?

That 70% of the population will require long-term care and the average stay in a long-term facility is 3 years and average current cost is $5,000/month? Do you have the funds to pay the bills?

Protection for Your Later Years with SF&C’s Family Security Plan with Long-term Care Coverage

Long-term care policies help protect individuals and their assets during a time in their life when they need it the most. Ideally, people should always have choices and not have to give up everything to go into any nursing homes Medicaid will provide.

SF&C’s solution to Long-term Care Coverage is ideal, price competitive and guaranteed acceptance.

Special Features:

  • Up to $200 thousand issued, guaranteed acceptance
  • 4% of face value paid for 25 months if the insured is confined in licensed nursing or assisted living facility
  • 2% of face value paid for 50 months if the insured is receiving home health care or adult day care
  • With extension of benefits, when the face amount has been paid, and the insured continues to be chronically ill, the benefits are extended
  • Benefits are paid directly to insured

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