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That a disabling injury occurs every 1.6 seconds; in the home, there were 15 million disabling injuries in 2003?

SF&C Insurance Associates has a State-of-the-Art Billing and Administration System

Over the years we have evolved our administration of Voluntary Benefits to keep up with the changing payroll systems.

While members can choose various types of insurance benefits, we set up just one deduction that can come from either the member’s paycheck, through an automatic draft from a checking/savings account, or from the use of a monthly debit from a credit card. Your members receive the benefits while we do all of the work.

SF&C will:

  • Provide a single slot billing solution that allows employers to offer an infinite number of payroll deduction benefits through one payroll slot on a combined bill rather than a separate payroll slot for each benefit;
  • Integrate with each of the benefit vendors on the platform, removing the need for the Employer to have to do so
  • Accept a lump sum dollar amount from the Employer that includes all payroll deductions for all employees and then distribute the monies to the benefits vendors featured on the platform according to participation
  • Manage the one payroll slot to facilitate the billing of several payroll deduction benefits
  • Negotiate discounted or group rates with each of the featured vendors
  • Provide brokerage services by effectively managing each of the vendors on the employer’s behalf, which includes an extensive communication plan

You have enough of a workload. We operate as your “back office”
with regard to your Voluntary Benefits.

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