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SF&C INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC. welcomes all AFGE members.

We are members of the union family and live the principles that UNION GIVES STRENGTH and ALL UNION MEMBERS’ STRUGGLES ARE OUR STRUGGLES.

SF&C is always available to assist AFGE Locals in all their organizing activities. We sponsor Lunch and Learn Sessions for all of you. Some topics that we are eager to share with all AFGE members are:

  • How to prepare for college tuitions
  • The facts about long-term care and how to provide for yourself and loved ones
  • Effectively combatting the ever-changing healthcare scenarios.
  • Ensuring the safest and most profitable retirement options—do not outlive your pension
  • Dealing with the unpredictable risks of life.

In addition to the Lunch and Learns, working with the Local’s leadership, SF&C holds other “fun” events, like “Desserts with AFGE” where we promote Union membership, first and foremost; inviting both existing and potential AFGE members.

Your Union exists to ensure that you receive wages and benefits commensurate to your valuable contributions, and not merely to serve those members with problems.

To that end, we will spend time reviewing your union benefits and how to take best advantage of them.



And because your union wants to maximize your benefits, SF&C offers SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFITS.

What are supplemental benefits? They are those benefits not provided as part of your compensation package. AFGE is doing an incredible job in obtaining the highest wages and best benefits obtainable in this society. But because these employer-provided benefits end with employment termination, and because you are the best judge of your present and future needs, AFGE has arranged for you to do it “your way”.

With SF&C you can design your own TAX-FREE, PORTABLE BENEFITS PROGRAMS that will pay over-and-above any other income you receive.

Your custom-designed program could include:

  • Your desired amounts and terms of coverage; individual or family;
  • Length of time of being disabled before benefits are payable, known as a WAITING PERIOD  (7 days, 14 days, 30 days); with pre-existing conditions included after 12 months
  • Amount of  benefit desired, payable monthly with an upper limit of 60% of income at time of disability; payable for 26, 52 or 104 weeks, your choice;
  • Benefits payable regardless of any other income (workers’ compensation; unemployment compensation, salary)

You say to yourself, “I can look these things up online. Why consult with an SF&C representative?”

  1. Too many consumers cannot decide on what type of benefits to obtain; are afraid to make the wrong decision or have inadequate knowledge about the various types of benefits available.
  2. SF&C Representatives are not tied to ONE SPECIFIC INSURANCE COMPANY. They will, therefore, not give attempt to “shoehorn” you to a given product/s.
  3. These professionals will outline the most up-to-date alternatives for you and give you a global picture based on the many scenarios they have experienced and the various programs available from the various carriers.
  4. An SF&C representative will be happy to evaluate any programs in which you are enrolled, and suggest ways to improve your protection/save your resources,

Ensure that you make the best, most cost-effective, reliable benefits decisions by sitting down with an SF&C representative as soon as possible.

Check with your Shop Steward to see if there is a scheduled SF&C Lunch and Learn at your facility or schedule a meeting with one of our Representatives by calling: Cynthia Yaffe at (301) 642-5609